You Won’t Believe How This Woman Discovered That Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her

Sydney Kinsch
Sydney Kinsch showed her viewers of her boyfriend’s selfie before she revealed the evidence (Image: TikTok/sydneykinsch) 

A young woman who has been identified as Sydney Kinsch, has told of how she found out her boyfriend was cheating.

Kinsch has publicly shamed her boyfriend for allegedly cheating on her after supposedly finding the truth in an innocent selfie.

Sydney Kinsch shared the photo on TikTok after she realized her boyfriend of four years had allegedly been cheating on her.

The clip, which has been viewed 1.5 million times, shows Sydney putting her partner’s selfie in the background as she writes: “That one time my boyfriend of 4 years Snapchatted me, him cheating on me.”

The picture shows her boyfriend wearing sunglasses in the car.

While the reflection on the sunglasses seems to show him steering the wheel on the road, Sydney moves to the right and reveals what seems to be a woman’s legs poking out the window on the passenger side of the car.

Sydney also mentioned in her TikTok bio that “it wasn’t his sister and it wasn’t his cousin”.

The reflection on the sunglasses showed a woman sitting in the passenger’s seat while her boyfriend was driving (Image: TikTok/sydneykinsch) 

She wrote: “Check the reflection in your boyfriend’s sunnies ladies.”

Hundreds of comments poured in and some wondered how she was sure her partner was cheating on her.

Sydney then explained that she called him out and later found out the woman was their mutual friend’s girlfriend.

“I called him and asked if he realised he sent me a b**** in his Snapchat and he had no idea so I sent it to him and he called me crazy and that,”
 she added.

“It was our friend’s girlfriend and that he’s allowed to have friends, he was with ‘like 5 people’ … I found out a week later and it was happening for a month.”

Other viewers were impressed with Sydney’s investigative skills, with one saying “guys always thinking they can pull a fast one on us”.

Another added: “Don’t know why he’s got the sunnies on, he’s not that bright.”


Source: Daily Star UK

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