Tom Ohikere

Following the recent political tussle in the National Assembly which started with the controversial retirement age, a calculated plan by some power hungered gang to dislodge Sani-Omolori as the Clerk of the National Assembly despite the resolution of the 8th Assembly.

A two time commissioner of Information of Kogi and a proud son of the Ebira land, Dr. Tom Ohikere said prince Sani-Omolori deserves to be celebrated in Ebira land having represented the land well in the commission which can be attested to by his dexterity in up-scaling the facilities and technological proficiency of the bureaucracy and workforce in general as the clerk of the National Assembly.

According to Ohikere, Sani-Omolori’s career in the National Assembly has been challenging, he was tasked with establishing and nurturing the Legal Department from its inception to its present status. He became the Acting Director, Legal Services Department in 2002, a position he held until 2006. In 2007, he was promoted to the substantive rank of Director and worked in that capacity until 4th February, 2010 when he became the Clerk, House of Representatives in the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a position he occupied till 16th May, 2016 when he became the Clerk to the National Assembly.

“I am morally informed, committed and dedicated to the Ebira project, I will continue to defend any genuine stakeholder in Ebiraland like the Ciroma who has distinguished himself in his profession as a consummate lawyer and his sterling leadership prowess as the clerk of the National Assembly”.

Going through his work and professional experiences, one cannot but acknowledge the propensity of Sani-Omolori towards making National Assembly a hub of democratic institution across Africa. Under his watch, definite landmark transformation has taken place, ranging from massive renovation of the buildings, improved security, parking lots, among others. He also introduced the click-in tech for across the institution with a workforce of over 5,000 legislative workforce within the system. Never can one forget to mention the introduction of Open Week which gave ample opportunities to Nigerians, CSOs, CBOs to interface with the members and management of National Assembly.

The clerk is one and must be protected, he means many things to many people, while some simply know him as the Clerk to the National Assembly of Nigeria, several others define him by his epic qualification as consummate lawyer, an accomplished technocrat, a great philanthropist and a servant leader.

It is no longer news that what befell Sani-Omolori is a blatant display of power by the leadership of the National Assembly, the Chairman of the National Assembly Commission who is also an ally of the Senate President is from Yobe state and they have succeeded in outturning the National Assembly Commission for their personal interest.

To the Ebira people, Sani-Omolori has been a great philanthropist, his records on employment generation is unprecedented and can only be compared to late Sen. A. T Ahmed, despite being a civil servant he has touched many souls, distributed grinding machines, sewing machines, keke na pep and many other empowerments to the less privileged in the land. I can not overemphasized his personal touch to people that ever come in contact with him but it saddens my heart that his own people who supposed to stand by him on this unjust politics by some cabal in the National Assembly to remove him despite the 8th Assembly resolution to satisfy their personal gains are the ones rejoicing over it.

Personally I dont know his office or residential location both at home and in Abuja nor have I had any benefits from him but investigation and evidential records at my disposal about him shows that he has a monumental record of commitment to the Community.

So in fairness to God and man, men of conscience and integrity should rise to project him for record purposes and posterity, and based on his record in Ebiraland, a lot of leaders and youths have benefited from him.

The question must be asked, how many Anebiras of his size, and status has done so much for our people? Or of what gain is his removal to the Ebira land.

Ataba Sani-Omolori within the limited and constrained resources, has done his best as a man of vision that is committed to a mission, lets support him.

A law graduate, Media guru, (Queen Of All Media, you may say!). Look out for Meenatnigeria Magazine.


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