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Tekno gives out N500k to a twitter user

In case you didn’t know, ‘Samantha’ singer Tekno has been giving out money to fans on his Twitter account for some days now.

The singer had said he plans to give out a total of N5m to his loyal fans on Twitter, and he has been doing so daily and he’s almost at the N5m mark.

Today, the singer who has been giving the money out in bits (N20k, N50k, N100k) decided to give out a big number today — N500k.

Here’s how it all went down.

He tweeted about the big cash:

Then this female fan responded, showing Tekno her N0.05 account balance.

Her tweet then caught the attention of the ‘Diana’ singer and he picked her as his winner.

The lucky winner, who goes by the username @MyNameisNiro was very elated by this and couldn’t hide her excitement.

She tweeted:

But some fans however think that there’s a fowl play somewhere. This fan accused the singer of partiality.


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