My Experience At A Wedding Affected My View On Gender Equality

Today, I attended a wedding ceremony. At the reception, the couple tried to maintain social distancing inside the reception hall, so there were limited seats. Most of the guests were in the open field outside. I sat behind two ladies, who should be in their mid or late twenties. I wasn’t really paying much attention to them.

After a while, they left their seat and went out. After about 5 minutes two guys came, and sat down in the empty seats the ladies left. These guy are obviously in their early twenties.

About 30 minutes later, the two girls came back inside, I noticed that one of them has had a change of cloths. So obviously they went home and returned.

The girls demanded that the guys should leave the seat, because they got there first. It is their seat. As expected the guys bluntly refused. The girls started raising their voice and cursing. No one really cared to listen to them, the boys were busy consuming the drinks on the table.

One of the ladies got frustrated by the indifference of the boys, grabbed a glass of juice from the table and threw the content at the guy’s face. The guy in turn opened the entire can, got up and started pouring it on the girl’s head, ruining her make up and soaking her weavon.

Next thing we saw, the girl grabbed him by the collar with both hands, tearing at his skin with her nails. Before you could say Jack, the guy started raining down slaps on her face, she fought back too.

Before we could rush down, the girl had a bleeding nose and a red swollen face.

Now this is the part that particular offended me. Everyone that gathered round started heaping insult on the boy for beating up a girl, despite the fact that she initiated physical contact. Some women even went as far as threatening to arrest the boy. The entire narrative changed quickly. Some stupid men even tried to beat up the boys. I stood my ground and insisted that if anybody lays a finger on the boy, I ll see to it that everybody is kicked out of the reception.

It took the intervention of the officiating minister to calm the crowd. Everyone was insisting that he would pay for the girl’s medical bills. Funny thing is that the guy had finger marks all over his neck. She was sobbing and attracting sympathy left and right, as if she was not the one barking like an animal moments earlier. In the end, it was the guys that were kicked out, the girls had the seat.

I get confused about this gender equality stuff, women want to be treated like men and treated differently at the same time. You can’t claim equality only when it suits you. If it were two guys fighting, I’m sure they ll both be kicked out and nobody will spare a thought for the injured, there ll be no sobbing or comforting, it ll just be seen as two people disturbing the peace. But everyone is suddenly acting up to protect an equal specie, who is also the offender, and the females see nothing wrong in this inequality”.
Do you want equality or not?
Personally I respect and treat everyone equally, but if you initiate physical contact, male or female I will retaliate with the same ferocity.

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