Kogi Youth Group pleads with Gov. Yahaya Bello to Run for 2023 Presidency

PRESS RELEASE (11th -JAN-2021)

LOKOJA PEACE AMBASSADORS is one amongst the many Nigerian Youths group Calling on His Excellency , Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello to Run for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023

Gov. Yahaya Bello has Demonstrated uncommon Leadership Qualities in his policies and stubborn Headedness to Crime , underdevelopment, indicipline , Bigotry , religious and Gender based segregation in Kogi state Politics .

Gov . Yahaya Bello , has proven in words and action that He is a unifier . The Moses of our Generation to take Nigeria to the promise Land Come 2023.

Governor. Yahaya Bello is an embodiment of Leadership with vast Experience and sharp ability to foresee and identify problems before hand and render lasting solution to it .

Governor Yahaya Bello before the people of Kogi State , Nigeria and the world has Continue to make Bold and daring stand on issues confronting the lives and means of livelihood of Nigerians/Africa even when world leaders could barely find their voice . Gov. Yahaya Bello like the Lion He his called made His statement bold and Clear. “WE AIN’T GAT NO COVID”

While Nigerian Youths stayed at home for a period of nine Months “9 Months” owing to the Assu Strike and Covid-19, Students of Kogi state Owned Institution were in section taking classes and graduating .

Gov. Yahaya Bello Represent a tribe . The Youth and women. The Children of the Nobody’s (poor and vulnerable) He has made somebody without knowing anybody. To that Tribe , We belong.

Governor Yahaya Bello is a teacher and a rare Ray of hope . That indeed: the Youths are the Leaders of Today .


Sadly: Governor Yahaya Bello is yet to make an official statement or indicate interest to run for 2023 presidency.

We hope He does on-time for the interest of Nigerian Youths calling on him to help us take charge of the Nation Come 2023.

OTHERWISE; Lokoka Peace Ambassadors under my Leadership has resolve to stage a “Peaceful Walk ” of Ten Thousand Youths to Kogi state Government House ,Lokoja. to appeal with Governor. Yahaya Bello to Run for the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023 .

Muhammed Kabir Zaif

President, Lokoja Peace Ambassadors



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