#JusticeforRinji: BALA KINIGI’s DEATH- THE EPICENTER OF HUMAN LIVES ABUSES as Written by Jacob Simon

A responsible government secures lives and propertiesand not to destroy it…”

        The sacred and ultimate duty of every system of leadership is to protect and preserve the lives and properties of it’s followership. The Constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria appreciated the sanctity of human life and explicitly frowned at any act that leads to taking away the life of another man except in very deserving circumstances. Most legal documents of nations and multi-national organizations have placed a high premium on this eternal rule “THOU SHALL NOT KILL” with a harsh punishment in the form of a Tooth For a Tooth. The Nigerian Armed Forces was reputed as one of the best in the continent of Africa not until recently when it has been linked with various forms of human rights abuses. The primary responsibility of the Armed forces is to wade off external aggression and the protection of the territorial integrity and not to be busy meddling in civilian affairs except in extremecases. The gruesome murder of a promising young Plateau state student on the 13th of May,2020 continues to raise a begging question,whether these security agencies are really agents of enforcement or destruction?.

Bala Peter Kinigi was murdered after satisfactorily proving his innocence of not breaking the lockdown order, he was shot to death by an over-zealous Soldier man over Coronavirus directive which regrettably adds to the tally of the numbers of sordid deaths by trigger-happy security operatives all in the name of enforcement. There is little or no regard for lives and properties by the khaki boys, Nigeria is gradually becoming the epicenter of human rights abuses. The young man has been buried amidst tears on the 16th of May,2020 in his native home.

         These unwarranted killings by security operatives indicates that the level of their understanding and relationship with the civilian populace is very poor,in a difficult time like this, diplomacy is the best approach towards ensuring people obey orders. It is highly unacceptable that our compatroits will be maimed and wantonly killed by the same people mandated to safeguard and ensure their safety. The pandemic is ravaging the whole world but we hear less incidencies of this magnitude. It is inhumane of the soldier-culprit to discharge the deceased Kinigi and on turning his back to proceed,dozens of bullets were left piercing through his body and he was left unattended until he breathed his last.

The penury and anguish that has overwhelmed his family is deep, it is recommended that the entire personnels of the security system in this country be exposed to best practicestandard of crisis management. A total overhaul of this antiquated mentality of displaying naked force on harmless citizens is imperative in this moment of our national lives. We must demand for #JusticeforKinigi# and others alike because this mindless cases of murder in broaddaylight is atestament of the display of NAKED POWER.



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