”Carry Money Before You Marry Your Honey” – Reno Omokri Warns Men


Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri who is known for his daily nuggets has dished out a word of advice for men who plan on getting married.

Taking to social media, Reno said a man who marries and has kids without a job or steady income has automatically signed up to being broke, busted and disgusted.

“Nobody plans to be broke, busted and disgusted. However, when you marry and have kids without a job, or a steady income, you automatically make a pact with poverty to be broke, busted and disgusted. Carry money before you marry your honey”

He further added that marriage comes with responsibilities and that men should learn to be prepared for them before jumping in to marriage.

“Marriage comes with RESPONSIBILITIES! Prepare for them, instead of producing babies you can’t cater for, and then you start harassing your relatives and calling them evil when they can’t help” He wrote.


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