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9 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Genuinely Interested In You And Wants To Be Around You

Being able to tell when someone really likes you is not as easy as it sounds. Some people may be genuinely interested in you, but for fear of being rejected, they may choose to hold back.

Nonetheless, they would always leave you signals to show you that they really care about you.

Here are six signs that will tell you whether someone is genuinely interested in you or not


They make their plans to fit yours

Someone who likes you will want to be around you all the time. Before they make plans to go have fun, they would consult you to know yours. They do this because they want their plan to accommodate your so that they will constantly be around you.

They always check up on you

Whether it is in the early hours of the day, or late at night, someone who truly likes you will not let a day go by without checking up on you. They are never too busy to make time to see if you are alright, and when you are sick, they go out of their way to make you feel better.

They pick up or notice every small details about you

Perhaps you have noticed that one person who always takes not of things that are not really relevant about you, or things people do not easily notice about you. Yes, that person definitely cares about you more than you probably know.
They don’t just notice these details, they seem to admire and appreciate it. For example, they may notice how green your eyes are, or how golden they look when the sunsets. They may also tell you how beautiful you look in a particular colour, shade or outfit.

They seem genuinely happy when they are with you

Yes, some people may pretend to be excited with you when in reality, they are not. But that is not so for someone that truly is interested in you. Whenever you come around them, they put everything else on hold and give you their full attention.
Also, their happiness at being with you or spending time with you is evident on their faces with the way they smile at you or look at you.

They remember everything you tell them

When someone makes you a priority, they can never forget anything you tell them or the time they spend with you. Because of what you mean to them, everything about you is important. The will not forget what you tell them, no matter how small or insignificant it may sound. Also, they will keep things about you in mind always like your birthday

They may get jealous when someone else tries to get your attention

When they are with you and someone else shows an interest in you, they may get slightly jealous or become possessive of you. Although you may not be in any relationship with them, they would not want anything or anyone to get in their way of their attention to you.
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